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Venue: The Warren: Studio 3  |  Genre: Comedy |  Warnings: Nudity, Swearing, Age 16+

(No Performances)

Pelican is a whirlwind hour of narrative comedy that's "wildly funny" (BroadwayBaby) and "thrives off ingenuity and playfulness" (EdFringeReview).

Written and performed by Gaulier-trained ex-Footlights Sam, Jordan and Guy, Pelican uses sketch, clown and physical theatre to create a joyful world with an "infectious energy" (TCS). When a TV actor, famous for portraying a hot-shot lawyer, and a dispirited real-life solicitor, find themselves implicated in a web of bizarre crimes, they must work together to solve a mystery that's as playful and surreal as it is funny.

Event Tags: Sketch Show, Storytelling, Physical, Surreal, Funny, Clown