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The Art and Fun of Acting and Dancing through Puppetry

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Ester Natzijl Productions

Venue: The Warren: Studio 3  |  Genre: Workshops |  Warnings: Age 12+

(No Performances)

In this workshop we will use the basic technic of puppetry and combine that with acting and dancing. How do you bring a puppet or object alive? How do we create the character of the puppet/object and how do we give it its voice/sound and movements? And what is the character is of the material? We will work in disappearing behind the puppet or interacting with the puppet. (We will make use of hand puppets and different materials and there will be live size professional foam puppets and a marionette to give examples.)

Please note: Wednesday's workshop will be suitable for ages 7+, and Thursday's workshop will be suitable for ages 12+.

Event Tags: Puppetry