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ExploSIV Productions

Venue: The Warren: Studio 2  |  Genre: Theatre |  Warnings: Swearing, Age 15+

(No Performances)

'Dangled' is a multi-award-winning adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's short story 'Diary of a Madman', by multi-award-winning writer Louis Viljoen and performed by multi-award-winning actor Rob van Vuuren. A dark psychosexual horror comedy exploring themes of sexual violence, verisimilitude and the creative process, 'Dangled' promises to disturb, entertain and terrify in equal measure. Winner of the Standard Bank Ovation Award at the South African National Arts festival and the Audience Choice Award at the Cape Town Fringe. "Deranged, disgusting, perverted, crass and fucking hilarious." (thecritter.co.za).
Event Tags: Physical Theatre, Horror