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The Tale Of The Cockatrice

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Mumblecrust Theatre / Peafrog Puppetry

Venue: The Warren: The Blockhouse  |  Genre: Children and Youth |  Warnings: Age 6+

(No Performances)

Deep in the vaults of an ancient Priory a hideous creature awakens... Brave knights flee in terror! Can a humble nun defeat the beast? Two muddle-headed storytellers use breathtaking puppetry, boisterous and beautiful live music and general tom-foolery to create this dark and winding fable for monster-lovers everywhere and their parents! "It is hard to find shows that work so well for children and adults alike and I would highly recommend this new and exciting company." - Artistic Director, The Lyric Theatre, Bridport "I like the cockatrice!" - A Young Audience Member
Event Tags: Storytelling, Family, Puppetry, Live Music, New work, Historical