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Venue: The Warren: Theatre Box  |  Genre: Theatre |  Warnings: Age 10+

(No Performances)

"Lovely young work... deceptively funny" Lyn Gardner Two performers. Two pairs of goggles. A fish tank. When our pet fish, Sunny & Boo, die, we realise that our friendship is in crisis. Goggles is a show we're making for them. We think about whether we love each other as much as Sunny & Boo had loved each other. We think about whether it would be possible to love each other more. We think that might be too much, but then we think about living without one another. Goggles is a new quirky comedy from multi-award winning theatre company ThisEgg. It is about fish, friends and keeping afloat.
Event Tags: Storytelling, Devised, Family, Funny, Clown